1987-2001 Cherokee & Comanche High Flow Water Pump

Another First! Provides 10 to 20% more cooling efficiency than the stock water pump. Replace the stock steel impellar with an anticavitation internal vane impeller. The impeller vane may be aluminum or steel depending upon application.   The impeller is larger than the stock and lessens the cavitations of the coolant to create a more positive flow in the space between the impeller and the #1 cylinder. The dyno showed an additional bonus of 6 hp. and 2ft/lbs. of torque gain we weren't expecting. The horsepower gain comes from the impeller slicing through the coolant instead of paddling the coolant. Individual gains may very depending on what accessories are already in place and engine condition. Either way it is a worthy addition to any Jeep engine whether it's a street driver or an off-road rock crawler.



  • Item #: 505HYFLOW
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Price $92.00