3.8/4.1L Jeep Stroker JK Engine - COMPLETE!!!

COMPLETE 3.8/4.1L Jeep STROKER  JK ENGINE 285hp/310tq power 2007-2011

Includes fully ported performance heads, ported intake, valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, spark plugs, oil filter

Performace parts: stage 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 torque monster camshaft

3.650 stroke crankshaft  (plus .250 stroke)

Cusom forged pistons .030 or .060 pistons 9.6:1 compression

H-Beam Rods, ACL race bearings all gaskets, lifters, freezeplugs, rod/main bearings, cam bearings, full adjustable roller rockers, nitro valves, ported cylinder heads, cloyes custom timing set. 

Stage 1 Cam - best torque camshaft, large tires, cruise RPM 1600 no gearing, works best with automatic

Stage 2 Cam - best torque camshaft at 1800, vehicle should have gearing and 33-37" tires, works best with auto

Stage 3 Cam - best mid-range cam, cruise 2000rpm, needs gearing, tires 33-40" tires, standard or auto

Stage 4 Cam - good mid-range high rpm power, 2400 cruise, gearing and standard recommended or converter, tuning required.

Stage 5 Cam - custom camshaft supercharged or turbo - tuning required

Motor is completely assembled intake to oil pan

SHIPPING within continental USA $350 - If ordered on line you will need to call us to add shipping charges.

 If customer wants to install own sheet metal a $400 credit will be applied.

$550 core charge

CORE Return Policy

 Core Breakdown

Block $200

Cylinder Head $100 x 2

Crankshaft $125

Timing Cover $125

Oil Pan $50

Harmonic Balancer $10

Valve Cover $10 x 2

Lower Intake Manifold $20

If any of these components are bad it will be deducted from your core charge.


3.8/4.1L Jeep Stroker JK Engine - COMPLETE!!!
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