3.8 Jeep JK HO 240hp Longblock

Jeep JK HO Longblock COMPLETE!!! - 240hp  2007-2011

Complete Longblock with forged pipstons, stage 1 camshaft, upgraded oiling system, timing cover.

Forged 10.1 compression 5/64 upgraded ring pack

custom cloyes timming set

Blue printed race rods arp bolts

Performance heades with stainless valves

Roller rocker kit 

Custom push in rear seal kit


stage 1, 2, 3, torque monster camshaft

Custom crankshaft  

Cusom forged pistons .030 or .060 pistons 10:1 compression

H-Beam Rods, all gaskets, lifters, freezeplugs, coated rod/main bearings, cam bearings, full adjustable roller rockers, stainless valves, ported cylinder heads, cloyes custom timing set. 

Stage 1 Cam - best torque camshaft, large tires, cruise RPM 2000rpm no gearing, works best with auto or standard

Stage 2 Cam - best mid-range camshaft at 2400rpm, vehicle should have gearing and 33-37" tires

Stage 3 Cam - best high-range cam, cruise 2800rpm, needs gearing, tires 33-40" tires, standard or auto


Motor is completely assembled with timing cover and oil pan

Intake and valve covers available upon request from customer - additional charges apply.

SHIPPING within continental USA $350 - If ordered on line you will need to call us to add shipping charges.

 If customer wants to install own sheet metal a $400 credit will be applied.

$550 core charge

CORE Return Policy

 Core Breakdown

Block $200

Cylinder Head $100 x 2

Crankshaft $125

Timing Cover $125

Oil Pan $50

Harmonic Balancer $10

Valve Cover $10 x 2

Lower Intake Manifold $20

If any of these components are bad it will be deducted from your core charge.



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