3.8 HO 240hp Performance Engine Kit

COMPLETE 3.8/4.1L Jeep JK KIT 240hp/260tq power 2007-2011

Performace parts: stage 1, 2 or 3 torque monster camshaft

Customer uses original crankshaft

Cusom forged pistons coated .030 or .060 pistons (includes rings) 10:1 or 9:1 compression - Customer must specify

ARP Bolts for factory rods, Coated performance bearings, all gaskets, lifters, freeze plugs,  bearings, cam bearings, cloyes custom timing set. 

Mellings oil pump valve spring kit and valves.

Stage 1 Cam - best torque camshaft, large tires, cruise RPM 1600 no gearing, works best with automatic

Stage 2 Cam - best torque camshaft at 1800, vehicle should have gearing and 33-37" tires, works best with auto

Stage 3 Cam - best mid-range cam, cruise 2000rpm, needs gearing, tires 33-40" tires, standard or auto



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Price $2,250.00